How does prevention apply to me?

It is clear that we must now personally do as much as we can to protect our mental health.

There are small things we can all do to look after our mental health:

  • Getting better sleep
  • Practising mindfulness
  • Drinking less
  • And exercising more are all helpful

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Doing good does you good

Also, crucially, caring and doing things for others is important, whether that’s through working on our relationships with family, letting go of old grudges, building positive and lasting friendships, reaching out to someone who may be lonely and being altruistic, engaging in acts of kindness, or volunteering.  

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If we stay open-minded, we can move from a very individualistic perspective on mental health to a collective, societal view. 

Prevention resources and tools

By providing the right information, guidance and support in childhood and adolescence, the chances of developing mental health problems can be reduced for millions of people over a lifetime - with enormous benefits to the people directly affected, along with their families, friends and the communities they live in.

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