List of Fellows

The mental health fellowship programme has run over a period of three years and has involved  59 fellows. A list of fellows, and links to their reports published to date can be found below.


Charlie Morley - Beyond mindfulness: Best practice for Veterans with PTSD

Karen Triesman - Becoming a more culturally, adversity, and trauma-informed infused, and responsive organisation

Allison O'Kelly - Improving dementia services for people who are LGBT

Luke Skelton - Health care homes: A brighter future for mental health?

Marcus Gardiner - Transforming workplace mental health using innovative ideas and digital technology

Laura Beswick - Introducing mental health and wellbeing in University curricula

Alex Holmes - How happy are we?

Angela El-Zeind - Using comedy improvisation to treat Anxiety and Social Phobias

Patrick Vernon - Black heritage & mental wellbeing

Cheryl-lee Brown - Co-productive use of trauma informed practice in the early years

Sabrina Kamayah - Mental Health and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups

Natalia Clifford - Parenting in the digital age: Family approaches to digital resilience

Shane Ryan - Future men

Sarah Bates - Implementing national frameworks for suicide support and innovative community care

Clare Canning - Sacred wounds: Innovative uses of Mindfulness to treat self harm

Martin Lally - Peer support in modern day policing

Debbie Frances - Identifying successful early-intervention initiatives promoting mental wellbeing in young people

Tod Sullivan - Introducing a Trauma Informed approach to Mental Health in Lowestoft

Lucy Duggan - Exploring ecotherapeutic approaches to community mental-health promotion and prevention

Hayley Thompson - Veteran Community Mental Health: Family models of support


Jacqui Jobson - LGBTQ mental health: exploring advocacy approaches to health inequalities

Dr Kat Taylor - Arts in healthcare pioneers: informing and supporting the Greater Manchester devolution

Dan Trevor - Mindfulness interventions for children and young people in school and family settings

Dr Ajay Thapar - Improving the management of sleep problems

Pam Schweitzer - Reminiscence arts: improving social cohesion and increasing communication in Japan

Erin Hope - Shaping cancer bereavement care: developing a framework for action

Rebecca Cotton - Mental health and digital technology

Rosie Tressler - Exploring preventative mental health interventions for university students

Martin Malcolm - Tackling social isolation and loneliness in rural communities

Amy Wolstenholme - High impact high cost patients: delivery principles and economic evaluation

Angela Samata - Welcoming the outside in: bringing outsider art into the mainstream

Niki Powers - Improving services for teenagers affected by trauma and disrupted attachment

Caroline Hearst - Peer provision and partnership in supporting autistic adults

Rebecca Amissah - Art and music to support Mental Health in the community

Sophie Hodge - Approaches to treating first episode psychosis

Barbara Bloomfield - Relationship help for adult couples and families with autism or Asperger's

Rebecca Moore - Innovative practice in psychological birth trauma: bringing knowledge to the UK


Geraldine O’Hare - Investment in treatment to reduce re-offending

Sarah Amani - Improving the Mental Health of Young People in Transition

Alison O'Connor - Can theatre help transform trauma for veterans and families?

Daniel Johnson - Identifying a best-fit model of care for traumatised children

Erica McInnes - UK model of African Centred Psychotherapy for well-being

Jan Killeen - Best practice in supported decision-making for adults with incapacity

Agnes Houston - Dementia and Sensory Challenges

Simon Edwards - An international perspective of PTSD: root causes and treatment

Annette Hargreaves - Adult and Child Mental Health in Child Development

Olivia Richards - The Story Project: supporting young peoples' mental health through literacy

Adele Owen - Mental health, policing, peer support

Jennifer Chigwende - Improving Black and Ethnic Minority Mental Health Care

Sarah Maxwell - How to work with teenagers presenting with emerging personality disorders

Sara Preston - Eating Disorders: breaking the silence and combating stigma together

Amanda Wood - Improve psychological support for military families, in particular children

Dominic Kelly - Surviving in Prison Work: Prison Staff Wellness Programmes

Shirley Smith - Specialist support for persons bereaved by suicide

David Humphreys - Improving family member involvement in Community Mental Health Treatment

Patricia Jarrett - Reducing stigma in perinatal Mental Health

Lou Boyd - Supporting children and families through parental substance misuse treatment journeys