What's Up with Everyone?

The Mental Health Foundation joined with leading academics from the University of Nottingham, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Loughborough University and Buzz Consulting, as well as the renowned Aardman Animations to launch the What’s Up With Everyone? mental health campaign.

The campaign, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, makes content available to all in the form of five evidence-based animated stories that talk about life’s challenges, together with a companion website. The animations focus on perfectionism, loneliness and isolation, independence, social media and competitiveness.

The animations were co-produced with, and for, young people – particularly those aged 17 to 24, who are likely to be moving to college, university or the workplace, but it is not limited to this age group.

The campaign aims to increase mental health literacy by understanding and managing life's challenges before they affect mental health.

A heading that reads 'What's Up with Everyone?' with a group of characters below, depicting young people from various backgrounds
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