Happy Go Clucky: an all-too-common story

We're taking part in PayPal's Turkey Dash this Christmas. Running for us - against seven other animated charity turkeys - is Happy Go Clucky. Here is Happy's story.

Happy Go Clucky's story is an all-too-common one, but thankfully this one has a happy ending.

Happy lived with severe stress and depression for years, brought on by their job, working 14-hour days in a battery factory. 

Christmas was especially hard for this turkey...and being surrounded by an unsupportive culture, Happy Go Clucky's mental health continued to decline. 

Thankfully, after finding support from the Mental Health Foundation Happy's mental state improved dramatically and a new love for free-range, free-running and meditation transformed life. With a bit of encouragement, Happy Go Clucky also went back to their shed and rekindled a passion for inventing gadgets.  

Happy Go Clucky hopes secret weapon - the new Jetpack 2000 prototype - will help launch them to victory, en route to paying the Mental Health Foundation back by raising as much money as possible.

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