Yashas's story: 'Why journalism is my answer to depression'

It is often said that in the darkest moments of our lives, one glimmer of hope calls out to us. However, the cloud under which we live seems like it will never pass. Every difficult minute takes its toll and the downward spiral just continues on and on.

Despite the seemingly inevitable disaster, the glimmer of hope gives us the perfect opportunity to change our fortunes. However small it may seem at that moment, hope can have an enormous impact on our lives. During my battle with depression, I reached a similar moment of despair and agony. Just like I mentioned, one hope came into my life, and that was in the form of sports journalism. I’ve taken the chance with that hope and it’s been one hell of a ride. There have been many things that I have learned through this process, but three things stand out in my fight to thrive, not just survive.

Innocent exuberance overshadows inexperience

When talking about the taboo subject of depression, many people mention the need to start new things for those affected. "Try something new, what is there to lose?" 

Even after hearing this, there is a fear that resides in all of us. What if things go wrong? The prospect of another failed attempt often stops us from trying something that may ultimately be the most successful thing we do. For me, writing had that feeling. Furthermore, with the possibility of people I didn’t know reading it, the insecurity and fear element simply heightened. But, I had missed the point.

Writing had appealed to me because it gave me the chance to learn about people’s opinions. Seeing how other people react to my views finally gave me a moment where I felt I could have a meaningful conversation with someone. However scary the first few months of writing seemed, it was all really worth it. So, take the chance and give it 100%. That is the only thing we need.

Mistakes and errors are all part of the process

Let’s face the facts. No one wants to be the person who makes a mistake that everyone in the world can see. Furthermore, when you can’t rectify that mistake, the shame simply intensifies. But, in actual fact, we are missing the wood for the trees.

In many of my articles, there have been spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I was expecting to be bombarded with messages of me needing to improve before I write again. However, that never happened. That feeling was only within myself and people would never point that out in a derogatory manner. People are understanding of mistakes and we should remove that fear from our mind. Also, making mistakes gives us the chance to learn and the beauty of that opportunity should be underestimated. So, never be afraid to make mistakes, actually embrace failure.

Passion is the most important thing

I have left this point to last because I feel everyone has heard this before, but it is really the most vital. However hard we try, we will never be great at something we don’t enjoy. Enjoyment goes hand in hand with perceived success, but most importantly it gives us something people in a difficult situation crave. A moment of happiness. The power of that moment should be treasured forever and we should give our best attempt to recreate it as often as possible.

For me, that passion is writing about a sporting event that has captured the imagination of the public. But, this passion can really be anything. Be it running, reading or even just a desire to be able to talk to people. Whatever the passion is, it will really help you in the most difficult of moments. So, seize the opportunity and find your calling.

There you have it. My story is still far from complete and everyday is still a new learning opportunity. But, at least journalism makes me thrive, not just survive.