Our statement on anti-depressant blood test study

Today, Kings College London announced that they have developed a blood test that ‘accurately and reliably’ predicts whether individuals living with depression would respond to common antidepressants, saying it could ‘herald a new era of personalised treatment for people with depression’.

Responding, Jenny Edwards CBE, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation said:

“We have long been saying that medication is only a small part of the answer in treating mental health problems, there needs to be a much greater focus on providing patients with a wide range of treatments as part of a personalised approach to treatment.

“Knowing whether someone is likely to respond to medication or not will enable doctors to signpost effective treatments not involving drugs, like talking therapy and/or mindfulness, as soon as possible.

“If this test is as comprehensive and effective as thought then today’s news could mark a real sea-change in treatment, providing doctors with a new tool facilitating a more personalised approach to treatment, and moving people away from medication that doesn’t work for them or that may have risks of side effects.”

Read the BBC report of the King's College London study