Our statement on the appointment of a minister for suicide prevention

Commenting on Prime Minister Theresa May's appointment of a Minister for Suicide Prevention, Mark Rowland, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation said:

"We welcome today's announcement of the appointment of a Minister for Suicide Prevention. We have made great strides in preventing deaths from physical illness and this is a step in the right direction in preventing deaths from suicide. 

"We welcome that Jackie Doyle-Price has been appointed as the first minister for suicide prevention, but it is vital to have cross-government action at national level,  as well as cross-sectoral action by local government, which is responsible for developing and delivering local suicide plans.

"Mental health problems are not inevitable and if we are to prevent a growing crisis, it is crucial that we address mental health across several policy areas.
"But we need more. Going forward, we need to see funding for local government public mental health action teams protected or increased. We want to see family members and friends bereaved by suicide offered timely support as the evidence is clear that those bereaved by suicide become at risk of developing suicidal thoughts themselves.

"We are also looking forward to working with the new Minister to help focus her prevention efforts further on people who face disadvantage and discrimination and are at greatest risk of suicide."