Mental Health Foundation announces management arrangements

Earlier this month, we shared the news that after a successful four years as chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, Jenny Edwards CBE, has stepped down to take on fresh opportunities in 2018. 

Following this news, the Mental Health Foundation has agreed an interim management arrangement in Jenny’s absence. For the foreseeable period, the current senior management team, comprising of the Director of Finance and Resources, the Director of Development and Delivery and the Director of Fundraising and Communications will operate a pooled leadership model.

This means that as well as taking responsibility for their respective departments, they will also manage the wider responsibilities of running the Mental Health Foundation, including servicing of the board and associated committees, external representation, strategy development and ensuring that our staff can thrive at work.

Keith Leslie, Chair of the Board of Trustees, says: "The board is grateful for Jenny's successful contribution over the last few years but also confident in the senior management team and grateful for the time to consider our options moving forward."