Dementia Third Greatest Killer in the UK Study Shows

18 December 2014

An article published in today's  Guardian has revealed  Alzheimer's Research UK's  finding that dementia has emerged as the third greatest killer in the UK. The Mental Health Foundation's Toby Williamson Head of Later Life said:
‘Dementia is not merely a medical challenge; in fact it is currently a huge social challenge. How can we support people already diagnosed to live well for the rest of their lives? Good quality health care can help but doesn't provide much of a solution beyond diagnosis and good end of life care-there is no cure or universally effective treatment for dementia. We're calling for a large part of any money made available, to go towards high quality community support  services and appropriate accommodation, self management and support, and giving those with dementia a voice to help shape dementia policy and services for the future..  This is not to say there shouldn't be investment in medical research, merely that it is not just a medical challenge that is the reality of the daily lives of those currently living with the condition and their families.'