Comment on CQC report labelling mental health crisis care as ‘inadequate'

12 June 2015

Today a report by the regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC) labels mental health crisis care in England as ‘inadequate' and warns that the system is ‘struggling to cope'. 

The report also raises concern about the attitudes of some Accident & Emergency NHS staff towards people seeking treatment for mental ill health. The CQC said that the report was a ‘wake-up call'. The Government responded by stating that improving mental health care is a priority. 

Commenting the Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, Jenny Edwards CBE said:

“This report again highlights a well-known problem, which is that the NHS is struggling to provide adequate support to those experiencing serious mental health problems. This is equally true in access to long term support as it is to crisis care. The answer in part lies in the prioritisation of mental health services, which requires more resources. But it is not the whole answer. When a dam is close to bursting you need to reinforce it at the same time as reducing the pressure on it. There is a desperate need to introduce a national prevention strategy to reduce the demand on already stretched NHS services.

“We need to be thinking about the ways we can help people from reaching a crisis point. The evidence tells us is that this can be achieved for many people through the both the promotion of good mental health and the tackling of inequalities that lead to the higher prevalence of mental health problems. The failure to take a rounded approach which focuses on public mental health as well as providing access to care means that reports likes this one will keep on coming.  And the damage will continue to be felt by those living with mental health problems and their loved ones”