Tom Grennan

What’s your earliest musical memory? 

My mum tells me that I used to go mad when she was pregnant with me to Oasis ‘Don't Look back in anger’, proper kicking and all sorts. Love it. 

What does music do for your mental health? 

It’s an incredible release mechanism that lets me unleash what’s on my mind and de-clutter. It’s a beautiful cathartic thing, music. 

Who is the musician who has most inspired you? 

Without a doubt Amy Winehouse, the true queen of England x

What makes you happy? 

MUSIC, FAMILY, and hearing how my music connects with people all over the world. That’s a beautiful thing.

What’s the best sound in the world? 

Best sound in the world is a cheer or round of applause after playing a song. The adrenalin rush is special: it’s all been worthwhile, mass satisfaction. 

What song is in your head right now? 

A new one I have written called "Picking Berries". 

Please tell us about a piece of music that has had an impact on your mental health. 

Again as yet untitled song I have just written, was very autobiographical in its style as I penned it, super cathartic and helped me offload some worries, and positive things at the same time. I felt cleansed afterwards, and it is a sickkkkkkk song. 

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