Megan and Lily make up the band IDER. They want to tell you about why they are supporting our fundraising initiative MHF Live and why music is important for their mental health.

Tell us why you are supporting MHF Live 

We are supporting MHF Live because we are firm believers that music can break down and dissolve the stigma surrounding mental health.  

What’s your earliest musical memory? 

Megan - this probably wasn't my earliest musical memory but I remember this to be one of my first, affecting musical experiences.... listening to Dido's debut album 'No Angel' in my childhood bedroom. I was reading the lyric booklet at the same time and I remember feeling totally transported to a different place. It felt like magic! 

Lily - I remember when I was little my mom would put me to bed and then she'd go downstairs and play Enya on the Clavanova. I don't think it was for me and my brother, I think she played for herself - but it made me feel so close to her. I remember feeling so safe and transported wrapped up in the distant sound of the piano. It was magic, and I would be praying for it not to end almost before she had even started.  

What does music do for your mental health? 

M - Music is my outlet and allows me to process life and everything that comes with it. I find it can take me a while to finish songs because I won't have finished processing the situation I'm writing about. More often than not, when I finish a song I also know that I have come to terms or accepted a particular feeling or situation. Music doesn't necessarily solve things but it certainly helps me to find peace.  

L - It takes me out of my head and thoughts, or at least it gives me somewhere to put my thoughts - words and lyrics allow me to process and let go of emotions. When music really connects for me it's like a form of escapism that brings me completely into the present moment.  

Who is the musician who has most inspired you? 

M - Gillian Welch 

L- Beyonce  

What makes you happy? 

M - Being surrounded by and chatting with people I love. Performing live. When I am writing a song and feel totally lost in the moment. When I am deeply moved by a song or a poem or a book or a podcast - again bringing me to the present moment.  

L- Feeling inspired, playing the piano, singing in harmony, performing when it really connects. Also colour, textiles and good lighting. And dmc's with the people i'm close with. All of the things that  connect me to the present moment.  

What’s the best sound in the world? And the worst? 

M - The best sound in the world are live voices singing in buzzing, resonant harmony - preferably in a church or in a room with amazing acoustics. The worst sound in the world is the piercing metallic noise the tube makes. 

L - The best sound is a resounding bass that hits in you in the gut - like a held synth bass or a double bass played with a bow. The worst sound is when your driving and something in the car is squeaking or knocking and you can't find the source of the noise.  

What song is in your head just now? 

M- 3 Nights by Dominic Fike 

L - Imagine John Lennon  

Please tell us about (and share) a piece of music that has had an impact on your mental health. 

M - Racing In The Street by Bruce Springsteen. I fell in love with this song when I was 18 and it continues to crop up and find its way into my life during really big or profound moments. I'm not sure why but whenever I listen to it after it's been a while, it always seems to bring me back to myself.  

L - Parce Mihi Domine, Jan Garbarek and The Hilliard Ensemble. I heard this song first when I was driving late at night. It was a time of my life where I felt so uncertain about who I was and what I was doing. This song came on Classical FM and totally floored me, I was sobbing uncontrollably and experienced an overwhelming feeling of acceptance wash over me.  

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