Tom's Interactive Dungeons & Dragons Livestream

Tom is a regular supporter of the Mental Health Foundation and holds a live-streaming event each Mental Health Awareness Week. Interactive live-streaming is a great way to get people together to strengthen relationships and raise money for the Mental Health Foundation.

Why did you choose to fundraise for the Mental Health Foundation?

My friends and I are very fortunate to be situated in a community that is conscious of the importance of mental health and its potential to impact all aspects of daily life. Working towards the goal of improving awareness, understanding and empathy on a larger scale is something that resonates with each of us.

Dungeons and Dragons is something that has been a supremely positive influence on the mental health of many members of our community – so it was a very straight forward progression to use it to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation!

How did you go about organising and promoting the event?

Organising the event was a group effort. The livestream itself consisted of 4 separate games of Dungeons and Dragons, which each needed 3 players and a Dungeon Master (the story-tellers). The story itself needed to be written and balanced, and the players needed to design their own characters; we also had to conceptualise how live donations could allow viewers to interact with the game in real-time. But possibly most importantly, the entire streaming setup and practical handling of software for both the stream and players had to be managed by Jenni Griffiths, who was an invaluable asset.

It was a lot of work! But our community was very helpful in promoting the event through tweets, word of mouth and sharing on other social media platforms.

Tell us about the event itself – how did it go? 

The livestream was a huge success – we’d smashed our original goal of £300 a couple of times before we even started playing Dungeons and Dragons!

We made tonnes of new friends, heard touching stories and raised over £800 more than we originally aimed for.

14 hours flew by, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it was an incredibly heart-warming experience.

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