Great Wall of China Trek

This exciting 10-day trek is just for Mental Health Foundation supporters and is a unique opportunity to go on a life-changing adventure with a group of people as passionate about mental health as you are.

This demanding but rewarding adventure will take you on a trek along the stony, steep and historic Great Wall of China as it winds its way through mountains. You'll also get to stay in rural Chinese mountain villages, see breathtaking panoramas across rural China, and explore the bustling city of Beijing.

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Jess's story

I started attending the Young Parent’s Together programme run by the Mental Health Foundation for mums, dads and their children. These classes helped me immeasurably...I have decided to take part in a trek along the Great Wall of China in October 2018 in order to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation!

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"Last year was such an amazing year of training and fundraising, something I have never done alone before,  it enabled me to meet some amazing people who have inspired me to keep pushing my boundaries, mentally and physically." - Emma Lannigan, China trekker