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Big Fun Run is about being active and having fun whilst doing it!

Whether someone is just beginning their journey to being more active and improving fitness, or are looking for a relaxed, friendly and fun challenge to help stay motivated then Big Fun Run is for them.

We suggest 5K as a good goal to aim for whether that's at a brisk walk, a jog or even a run.  The great thing about a virtual challenge is that it's the participants' challenge and their rules so they can aim for a longer distance if they wish or can split their chosen distance over a number of days or weeks. 

The most important thing is that participants chose something that will challenge them as an individual and that they have fun doing it.  Fundraising for a charity that is important to them can be an amazing motivation to keep going throughout the challenge, so why not encourage them to do something amazing and positive for others at the same time!  

Participants can complete their Big Fun Run anywhere they like and on a date that suits them.  Local charities may create little bubbles of participation on specific dates which we can help support awareness and participation of.

If you have any questions about the Big Fun Run, you can contact our Events Team at [email protected] or on 020 7803 1123 (England) / 0141 572 0125 (Scotland).