Liberal Democrats 2017 general election manifesto

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Mental Health

  • A 1p raise on income tax, which is estimated to generate around £6 billion, will be ringfenced for the NHS and social care services. This additional investment can then be diverted to priority areas including mental health and social care. (p16)
  • The party commits to establishing a cross-party health and social care convention, which will include devolved administrations. (p17)
  • Access to clinically and cost-effective talking therapies will be increased, and waiting times and access standards will be rolled out. (p18)
  • The party has set waiting time targets for therapy for depression and anxiety (six weeks) and a first episode of psychosis (two weeks). (p18)
  • Looking to the Australian model of ‘Headspace’ as an example, the case for a dedicated service for children and young people will be evaluated.
  • Mental health support for pregnant women, new mothers, and those who have experienced a miscarriage or a still birth will be transformed. (p18)
  • Continue to promote and invest in programmes which encourage graduate to pursue a career in mental health social work, such as Frontline or Think Ahead. (p18)
  • Improve crisis care and response to avoid police cells being used. (p18-19)
  • End out-of-area treatment so that those who need to be admitted to hospital can be treated close to home. (p19)
  • Better mental health training for front-line public service professionals, such as teachers. (p19)
  • National roll-out of the Liaison and Diversion programme, ensuring that vulnerable people who come into contact with the criminal justice system are identified. (p19)
  • Continue anti-stigma campaigns, as well as changing the standard of proof in cases of suicide. (p19)
  • Support medical trials and research into mental ill-health (p19)
  • Develop a new public health campaign, similar to the ‘Five a Day’ campaign, which promotes mental resilience. (p22)
  • Encourage employers to promote mental health and wellbeing at work which will result in a ‘wellbeing premium’ as a reward. (p22)
  • Support good practice among employers in ensuring people with mental health problems get the support they need. (p22)
  • Support the Armed Forces Covenant and ongoing work to support veterans’ mental health. (p84)

Children and Young People

  • PSHE should include: financial literacy, first aid and emergency lifesaving skills, mental health education, citizenship and age-appropriate Sex and Relationship Education (SRE). (p28-9)
  • The school environment should also challenge gender stereotyping and promote positive body image. (p29)
  • Ensure all teaching staff have mental health training and that counselling is available in all schools. (p29)
  • Make the promotion of wellbeing a statutory duty of a school to be included in Ofsted inspections. (p30)


  • Making Carer’s Allowance more accessible by increasing the threshold of weekly earnings to £150 from £110. (p20)
  • Develop a Carer’s Passport scheme to inform carers of their rights. (p20)
  • Review the rules for exemption from prescription charges to include those with long-term conditions or disabilities. (p20)
  • A National Wellbeing Strategy will put health and wellbeing for all at the heart of government policy.   (p21)
  • Raise awareness of and seek to expand the Access to Work scheme to support people with disabilities. (p59)
  • Accelerate the roll-out of Individual Placement and Support to encourage people with mental ill-health to get back into work. (p59)
  • Scrap the ‘bedroom tax’. (p59)
  • Scrap the Work Capability Assessment. (p59)


  • Design towns and cities as safe and attractive walking spaces, and implement the recommendations from the Get Britain Cycling report. (p63)
  • Significantly increase the amount of accessible green spaces. (p50)

Housing and Homelessness

  • Increase support for homelessness prevention. (p62)
  • Adequately fund age appropriate emergency accommodation and supported housing. (p62)
  • Ensure all local authorities have at least one provider of the Housing First model of provision for long-term, entrenched homeless people. (p62)

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