Labour Party 2017 general election manifesto

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Mental health

  • Mental health budgets will be ring-fenced to protect services. (p73) 
  • A Labour Government will ask the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to evaluate the potential for increasing the range of evidence-based psychological therapies on offer. (p73)
  • The party states it will make the country the most “autism friendly” in the world, ending the social isolation for autistic people. (p66)
  • The party will work with communities, civil society and business to reduce loneliness. (p68)
  • Labour vows to use prison only for the serious offences and review the provision of mental health services in prisons. (p82)

Children and young people

  • To end the “scandal” of children being treated on adult mental health wards across the country, Labour will bring forward the ending of out-of-area placements to 2019. (p73) 
  • Labour will increase the proportion of mental health budgets spent on support for children and young people. (p73)
  • The party aims for the country’s children to be the healthiest in the world, fighting health inequalities and breaking the link between ill-health and poverty. They will introduce a new Index of Child Health to measure progress against international standards, and report annually against the following indicators: obesity, dental health, under-fives and mental health. £250 million pounds will be provided to set up a Children’s Health Fund to support these ambitions. (p67) 
  • The party will promote preventative health care by increasing the number of health visitors and school nurses. (p67)
  • The manifesto commits to the publishing a new childhood obesity strategy within 100 days, which will include proposals on advertising and food labelling. (p68)
  • The manifesto states the party will implement a strategy for the children of alcoholics based on recommendations drawn up by experts. (p68) 
  • The party will implement a Tobacco Control Plan, which will focus on issues of mental health and young smokers. (p68)
  • Free school meals for all primary school children will be introduced, paid for by removing the VAT exemption on private school fees. (p38)
  • School-based counselling will be extended to all schools at a cost of £90m per year. (p38)
  • The party will deliver a strategy for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and embed SEND into training for teachers and non-teaching staff. (p39) 
  • The manifesto commits to the development of a new Child Poverty Strategy. (p56)
  • The manifesto commits to enshrine the European Convention on the Rights of the Child into domestic law. (p87)
  • A future Labour Government will ensure that all teachers receive initial and ongoing training on the bullying of LGBT young people and how to address them. (p111)


  • Labour will introduce a version of Scotland’s Debt Arrangement Scheme for households struggling with debt. (p50)
  • Labour will introduce a new Social Security Bill within their first year in office. (p56) 
  • Labour will end the so-called Bedroom Tax. (p56)
  • The sanctions regime for benefit claimants will be stopped. (p56) 
  • Labour will reform and redesign Universal Credit, ending the delays to payment and the ‘rape clause’. (p56) 
  • Reinstate the Housing Benefit for under 21s. (p56) 
  • The party will remove the barriers to opportunities and choices for people with disabilities. (p56) 
  • Labour will incorporate the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities into UK law. (p56)
  • Employment and Support Allowance will be increased by £30 per week, and cuts to Universal Credit limited capacity for work element will be repealed. (p56) 
  • The party will increase the Carer’s Allowance by £11, to the level of jobseekers’ Allowance. (p56) 
  • Labour will implement the decision on Personal Independent Payment, to ensure parity of esteem between mental and physical health. (p56)


  • A National Refugee Fund will be established. (p77)
  • A commitment to reform the Gender Recognition Act and the Equality Act 2010 to ensure they protect Trans people by changing the projected characteristic of “gender assignment” to “gender identity” (p111)

Housing and Homelessness

  • The manifesto commits to setting out a new national plan to end rough sleeping within the next Parliament, starting by reserving 4,000 additional homes for people with a history of rough sleeping. (p64)
  • They will act on the “root causes of homelessness”, safeguarding homeless hostels and other supported housing from cuts to housing benefit. (p64)
  • By the end of the next Parliament, Labour pledge to build at least 100,000 council and housing association homes a year for affordable rent or sale. (p60)
  • The manifesto pledges to ensure local plans address the need for older people’s housing. (p60)
  • The party pledges to safeguard homelessness hostels and other supported housing from cuts to housing benefits. (p64)
  • They will also act on the “root causes of homelessness”, safeguarding homeless hostels and other supported housing from cuts to housing benefit. (p64)

Read the Labour Party's full manifesto

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