Kindness stories

In 2020, we found that 63% of UK adults agree that when other people are kind, it has a positive impact on their mental health, and the same proportion agree that being kind to others positively affects their mental health.

We ran a UK-wide campaign on Kindness during Mental Health Awareness Week, the largest annual conversation on mental health.

Below are a few stories from some of our lovely supporters on the acts of kindness they experienced or shared with others during the campaign.

Over seven billion smiles - Bethans Story

Bethan is 18 years old and lives with her dad in a rural village where she grew up in North Wales. Before COVID-19, she worked at her local pub. In the future, she hopes to own the family caravan park and pursue a career in mental health.

Bethan - Kindess stories
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Why kindness matters in later life - Josh's story

Josh Elton is a Group Facilitator for Standing Together Cymru – a project which aims to improve mental health, well-being and build community connections through peer support groups.

Josh kindess story
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Kindness in the NHS - Scuba's story

I’m Suba, a junior doctor currently working in the Emergency Department. I have worked in the NHS for almost 4 years.

Scuba's kindness story
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Photo of Ntale

The power of kindness - Ntale's story

Kindness isn’t a concept I thought a lot about as a young man. Kindness was often portrayed amongst my peers as weakness and wasn’t something that would protect you in the face of threat.

Photo of Cassandra

Sending cards of kindness - Cassandra's story

I have always believed in the power of kindness to affect not only ourselves but everybody around us positively. I have affirmation cards specially made for all my customers.