Thriving with Nature

This content mentions anxiety and depression, which some people may find triggering.

Making the most of the UK's natural spaces for our mental health and well-being

WWF and the Mental Health Foundation have come together to produce this guide for you. We want you to thrive and for nature to thrive around you. We think the two are mutually supportive.

From forests and rivers, to parks and gardens, to window boxes or even house plants, we can find nature wherever we are.

Interacting with nature can be not just enjoyable, but also beneficial to our mental health and wellbeing, aspects of our health that are particularly important to look after.

In this guide:

  • Nature, well-being and mental health - What is mental health? How do I look after my mental health? How can nature help? How you can help nature
  • How to use this guide - Suggestions for seasonal activities to help you engage with nature, and personal stories
A hand-drawn illustration of some green trees with pink leaves

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