Behind the Books

Our #BehindTheBooks campaign aims to help university students talk about their mental health, to realise when they’re struggling, to provide tips on ways to cope and to normalise the ups and downs of uni life. The campaign is co-produced with university students. 

The Behind the Books campaign works to support students at university and ensure that they have a platform to amplify the barriers they face to achieving good mental health. We cover the following themes: Getting through this together, Meaningful connections and Uni and mental health.

Behind the Books campaign

Getting through this together

Read stories and advice from university students on friendship and connection, and how to get through challenging times together. 

Eloise's story: Helping friendships flourish as a university student

University student Eloise shares tips about making and maintaining friends when starting university.
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The graphic has the text: Helping friendships flourish as a university student - #BehindTheBooks

Shannon's story: The power of mentorship in feeling connected to university

Shannon began her university studies during the Covid pandemic. This had a large impact on her feeling connected to the university and her peers. In this piece Shannon writes about how creating a mentorship network helped her feel connected and empowered to others.

The background shows different drawings of lots of people in circles connected by dotted lines. There is also a quote: "When you meet one person who is like you, it leaves a trail to connect with more like-minded students"
Read Shannon's story

Morgan's story: My experience with shared housing and feelings of isolation at university

Morgan is a current university student who had a difficult time when living in shared university housing. Morgan’s talks about her experience to reassure you, you are not alone if you are going through similar struggles.

A quote from the blog is displayed: "It can feel very difficult to start fresh at university and find your balance while you feel isolated. But there is hope, and there are so many people in the same boat as you". There is a building in the background showing students appearing in different windows.
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Sheneika's story: My experience as a commuting university student

Sheneika lived at home while she completed her degree. This came with difficulties when trying to be part of the wider university community. Here are her tips on how to cope as a commuting student.

The image displays a quote from the blog: "As a commuting student, it can be easy to feel isolated and shut off from campus. A commuter group can help you be part of a community with people in your situation". The image shows illustrations of people commuting to university.
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Meaningful connections

Read stories and advice from students on connecting with your peers at university. 

Top tips on building connections at university

Izzy, a student at London School of Economics, asked students for their top tips on building meaningful connections at university.

Graphic for the top tips
Read our top tips

Izzy’s story: lack of representation at university

Izzy shares her experience of being a young, black woman at a predominantly white university, and how she went about finding a community where she had shared interests with others.

Izzy's quote - Behind the Books (Meaningful Connections)
Read Izzy's story

Holly’s story: drinking culture at university

Holly shares her experience of feeling uncomfortable with the drinking culture at university, and encourages others to consider how they want to spend time with others.

Holly's quote - Behind the Books
Read Holly's story

Watch the meaningful connections Q&A with student Debbie and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Ntale

Debbie and Ntale talk about making meaningful connections at university and how to protect your mental health.

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Debbie - meaningful connections

Uni and mental health

Inequalities and support

Behind the Books - Uni and mental heath - Inequalities and Support
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Managing your finances and workload

Uni and mental health: Managing finances
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Gaining confidence

Uni and mental health: Gaining confidence
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Student Q&A

Q&A with WIll and Amelia
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Uni and mental health: tips for students

Behind the Books campaign
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