Climate change and mental health

COP26 is unarguably the best opportunity we have to change the path of irreversible climate change.

The Mental Health Foundation is joining with others to call on world leaders to seize this moment and make bold and ambitious commitments that not only reassure people today but also the current younger generation and those to come.

How does climate change affect peoples mental health?

Climate change and mental health research from around the world have shown that the climate crisis is damaging the mental health of hundreds of millions of people globally.

The effects of this on people’s mental health must not be underestimated. Poverty, displacement and their consequences can have a corrosive impact on people’s mental wellbeing and are among the biggest drivers of mental ill-health worldwide. However, despite the recent growth of research in this area, much remains unknown. In particular, while some small-scale surveys have been conducted, only a limited number of studies have addressed the indirect effects of climate on mental wellbeing in the United Kingdom.