Green oasis in London

Fran talks about how green oases in London help her when she's feeling low.

London is not necessarily a place associated with nature, but it is full of spectacular parks and smaller squares and gardens.

When I am feeling low, it is a real treat to walk around one of London’s spectacular parks, such as Greenwich Park, Regent’s Park, Hampstead Heath. One of my favourites is Golders Hill Park, which is a hidden gem.  

It is so important for people who live in the city to visit green spaces if they can. The fresh air, the greenery, the variety of plants and changing colours – and being able to watch and listen to birds, animals and insects. If the sun is out as well, it can really lift your mood.

I am lucky enough to have a small back garden. This year I finally started to pay it some attention, doing some weeding, planting things and trying to keep it tidy. It has really been worth the effort and I love coming home from work, sitting in it and admiring the colours and peacefulness.

I have been befriended by a friendly robin who comes to visit and sits on the fence as I struggle with the weeds. Luckily, my cat leaves the robin alone.

Nature can take you out of yourself, give you a chance to admire natural beauty and give you some exercise. All in all, very good for your mental health!

By Fran Edwards

Thriving With Nature

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