Escaping through colour

Bethan shares her creative prose with you, in which she talks about the changing seasons and the effect they have on her mental health.

I can feel the fanfare boom when summer arrives. I hear the eccentric brass band come to life. I watch the sun dance to their jaunty melody. I see the season fill with light. I wake to its bright, energetic mornings. I toss and turn to its warm, balmy nights. I travel through the warm breeze. Ebbing and flowing like the bobbing kite.

When summer drifts to a close. The vibrant beat takes a slower form. Reflecting the shorter days and evenings. And a time spent wrapped up indoors. As we approach autumn, the melancholic melody can be heard. Accompanying our falling leaves – and the migrating flocks of birds.

There is something that feels cosy. And there is something that feels safe. About being surrounded by vibrant colours and the branches’ naked shape. I like to know that I can rest, like the hedgehog in its home. Nestled happily in crunchy leaves. Waiting to head out when dusk forms.

I watch the squirrels bury their nuts. And the barn owl hover way above. The blooming crocuses demand attention. The fragrant begonia brushes my glove. All the while I feel more peaceful. Surrounded by warming fires. Settling into the quiet atmosphere after summer says goodbye. 

By Bethan Buswell

Thriving With Nature

WWF and the Mental Health Foundation have come together to produce a guide for you. We want you to thrive and for nature to thrive around you. We think the two are mutually supportive.

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