Event ideas

At work

Lunch and Learn

Invite your colleagues to a lunch time session to talk about signs of surviving and signs of thriving. You could provide lunch yourself (soup or salad is a cheap, healthy option for lots of people) and ask colleagues to make a donation. 

Office Secret Santa

OK it’s not Christmas, but who says you can’t spread a little love all year round? Draw names of all entrants from a hat at random and set a maximum spending limit. Ask people to make a donation to take part.

Wellbeing Breakfast

Why don’t you and your colleagues hold a Wellbeing Breakfast? You could hold it on a Monday morning, making it a great way to ease into the week, catch up with your colleagues and discuss plans for the week ahead. Bring in cereals, croissants, fresh fruit, sandwiches etc. and allow people to make a small donation for each item.


School Quiz

Hold a school quiz in each class at school with mental health related questions. The answers could be facts and figures about mental health in a multiple choice format which will help educate pupils in an interactive way. Each team could pay a £2 donation to enter, with the winning team winning a small prize or an extra 15 minutes added to their lunch break.

Cake Sale

Hold a cake sale at break time and encourage pupils to bake something to bring in.



Hold a Zumbathon in your local village hall or community centre and ask a local Zumba instructor to lead the session. Dancers can pay a donation to take part. Zumba is a great way to meet new people in your area and keep fit at the same time. You could use the break to talk about mental health and sell homemade energy bars or drinks to raise even more for us!


Music really lifts the spirits… If you are a budding musician, have a friend who is great on the guitar, know any local bands, or just fancy a good old fashioned karaoke night then why not hold a fundraising music event? You could contact a local pub or community centre and charge an entry fee for the event. You could also speak to the manager of the venue and ask if they would be willing to donate a proportion on drink sales.

Football/Sport Tournament

Sport is great for our mental health - so why not arrange a 5 a side football tournament at your local park? Each team could donate to enter, with the winning team winning a prize. You could also do a cross bar challenge and penalty shootout competition between matches and charge people £1 to enter. If you are not a football fan, then feel free to use another sport such as basketball or cricket. Playing sport and being part of a team is a great way to build and maintain positive relationships.

Pub Quiz

Arrange a quiz night at your local pub. Charge each team an entry fee with a prize for the winner. You could also ask the pub manager if they would be willing to donate a proportion of the drink sales.


Tea & Talk

Talking is good for your mental health so why not hold a Tea & Talk at home or work for Mental Health Awareness Week? Get to know your colleagues or neighbours better, or just spend more time with your friends. You can use the resources on our Tea & Talk page for extra fundraising ideas.

Dinner party

Hold a dinner party at home for your friends and family. Ask people to make a donation towards the meal. Why not add a twist and make it a BBQ or picnic?

Games Night

Hold a games night at home and invite your friends. This could range from a FIFA tournament on the Xbox/Playstation to a poker match. Ask anyone who enters to make a donation. It’s also a great opportunity to catch up and have a great evening with friends.