World Cup fever!

In my last blog I told you a little about myself and my work at the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Foundation. In this blog I will tell you about my main interest, which is football.

You may not like this but I support Manchester United, I have supported them for years. I really liked Alex Ferguson and think he was great for the club. I am such a big fan that he wrote me a letter to congratulate me on my 30th birthday a few years ago. This is now in a frame on my bedroom wall at home.

Manchester United has had quite a lot of changes over the past year and we have a new manager called Louis Van Gaal. I think he needs to bring in other players and make new signings. I try to go and see them play a couple of matches a year. I go with my brothers or my colleague at work who is also a big fan.

There is World Cup fever in the office. My colleague Toby and I have been organising World Cup activities. I have been preparing flags of all the countries competing in the World Cup and I have responsibility for up-dating the World Cup chart to monitor the progress of the teams. There is an office sweepstake plus a prize for the best decorated desk in the style of the country the person has picked from the sweepstake. In the photo you can see me with Rob who picked Brazil in the sweepstake. We watched one of the England games in the office and brought dishes to share in the style of the country the person has picked from the sweepstake.

It is sad that England are out of the world cup now, I would like Argentina or Holland to win!