Trip to Eastbourne

This week I visited Hazel Court School at Eastbourne. I joined my colleague Jill who is working with a group of students at the school to try out the adapted version of the “FRIENDS for Life” programme. “FRIENDS for Life” is a 12 week school-based programme that teaches children resilience and positive life coping skills so that they are better equipped to deal with whatever life throws their way. I have been making a lot of visual materials for the project.

I met the students, their teacher Helen, Jane is a clinical psychologist and Katherine who is a speech and language therapist. The young people are being helped to learn what is best way to cope with feelings of anger, sadness and worrying. I made Green & Red thought bubbles to give to everyone and we did the role play to act out what is good and not so good to cope with all these feelings. If they thought the person coped in a bad way they held up the red card. If it is good reaction they raised up the green card. The young people also try out relaxation techniques and this week did the pizza massage in pairs. They are nearly at the end of the programme and if you want to find out more please follow this.