Our first Innovation Lab in partnership with Comic Relief and Nominet Trust

Today we are launching our first Innovation Lab in partnership with Comic Relief and Nominet Trust.

Innovation Labs is a ground-breaking project looking at how technology can help young people look after their mental health and access appropriate and effective support. The project is being delivered by the digital agency Cernis.

One in six young people currently have a diagnosable mental health problem at any one time and the vast majority are suffering in silence. If their issues are not resolved, the problems may return and become entrenched.

Technology is a tool many young people engage with as a non-stigmatising and confidential space for them to access information and support, and this will be the first time 16-25 year-olds will be involved in generating ideas around what they need by working with professionals from the outset.

Today is the first of two one day Innovation Labs, where up to 40 young people from all over the UK, including from Right Here, Rethink, B-eat, Dipex and YoungMinds, will get the chance to meet up with innovation experts, designers and mental health and youth professionals for a series of discussions around how digital tech can be better used to support young people.

Following the completion of the second Lab in February 2012, a number of ideas will have been generated and partially developed, which may lead to new funding streams and new opportunities for the development of prototypes and implementation strategies for the best ideas."

If you would like to keep up to date with the Labs’ developments, you can read the project’s blog, like the Facebook page or follow @InnovationLabUK onTwitter .