New ground breaking Self-Management course for young people in Cardiff

On 24 and 25 August, we will be launching the first Self-Management training course for young people with a long-term mental health problem at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium.

The course will be free and is part of our programme of courses running across Wales throughout the summer.

After dropping out of college because of my severe mental health condition, I became homeless and found out about the Mental Health Foundation Self-Management course in the homeless hostel was staying at. Nothing had helped until then and I decided to give it a go.

The course was amazing. I learnt so much from talking to people who had been through a similar experience and I found the problem solving and goal setting skills very useful. It helped me realise that I didn’t need to rely on other people and that I could achieve so much on my own.

I thought that the course would have been even more beneficial if I had been with people my own age which inspired me to suggest creating a course specifically designed for young people. Young people are often worried about the stigma attached to mental health issues and we hope that being with other people their own age will help them feel more comfortable to talk about their experience. Thanks to the course, I now have the confidence to become a facilitator and share everything that I’ve learnt and help other young people.”

The two-day self-management training course will be followed by six half-day sessions over two months. Participants can then become part of a peer-support group, sharing and solving problems together, socialising and practicing self-management skills.

All courses are free to attend and travel costs are paid. Anyone eligible and interested in attending the course should email or call 01633415434.

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