€˜Making it personal charter: people with learning disabilities the lives they want

Last week, Dimensions released their Social Care Charter, ‘Making it personal’, which outlines what people with learning disabilities have said they want in order to live the kind of lives they want.

The charter covers; wanting more control over money, greater opportunities and independence, being part of a community, being listened to and having more choice in relationships. All these are key factors that most people take for granted but are things that people with learning disabilities are still having to fight to achieve.

At the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities we believe people with learning disabilities should have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Our work focuses on ensuring that service providers, local authorities and families and carers are working in a person centred, equal and accessible way to support people with learning disabilities to have these rights.

Over the years we have developed many services and projects which address some of the key themes mentioned in the ‘Making it Personal’ charter.

If your organisation offers service provision and/or works with people with learning disabilities and want to make sure you are working in a person centred way then you may be interested in some of our resources such as An Ordinary Life, In Business or Community Connecting.