8 simple ways to practise self-love

This blog was written in collaboration with boohoo and includes our practical tips on looking after your mental health.

Because there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first.

Too stressed to feel blessed? We hear you. Whether it’s uni deadlines, work dramas or a never-ending to do list getting you down, you may be in need of a little self-love. 

You’re constantly putting your BFFs first and worrying about what others think, but it’s so not selfish to make things all about you for once. 

We’re not just talking glitter bath bombs and Friday night face masks (but hey, if that’s your thing then why not?), self-love goes back to the basics. Here are eight ways to practice self-love. 

Catch more zzzs  

Start paying as much attention to your sleep routine as you do other parts of your day. It’s not just about how much sleep you get, it’s the quality that matters.

Make your bedroom a sleeping sanctuary so your brain and body associate it with winding down and relaxing, which means keeping things like eating and watching TV to another room. Swap the late night Insta-scroll for some relaxation or mindfulness techniques to get you ready to dream the night away and detach yourself from the things that may be making you stressed.

Prioritise ‘you’ time 

There’s just so much going on that sometimes it can be hard to stop and take some time for yourself. 

It’s so necessary to take some time out for you, even if that involves saying ‘no’ to those around you. Booking a weekend trip or holiday is the perfect way to do this – why not follow boohoo’s guide on how to use your holiday as a form of self-care? From changing up your exercise routine to catching some happy-inducing rays, there are so many benefits to exploring somewhere new.


Self-love starts with doing what you love. Not feeling like you’re ‘good’ at anything can have a negative effect on your self-esteem, but what if you’re just not taking the time to show everyone what you’re made of?

Whether it’s taking up a local dance class to unleash your inner Beyoncé or owning the kitchen with your favourite recipe book, enjoying yourself and doing what you love helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. Why not make it a weekly hobby so you always have something to cheer you up?

Quit the self-criticising 

If you’re always thinking ‘oh no I shouldn’t have said that’ or ‘I wish I was better at this’, it’s time to have a little faith in yourself and quit the criticism. 

Lifestyle blogger Sophie King focuses on positive self-talk as a form of self-love, saying, “we will happily call ourselves overweight or criticise our hair, but we are talking in way we would never speak to someone else. Why lower the standards for yourself? If you wouldn’t say it to someone else, then don’t say it to yourself!”

It’s time to love yourself for who you really are and be proud of the things you’re good at. You’re totally bossing it and should love the person you’re growing to be.

Talk it out

Even if it feels like the smallest worry or silliest thing to feel stressed about, bottling it up is only going to make you feel worse. 

And let’s face it, it’s what your BFFs are there for. It doesn’t matter if it’s family, friends, colleagues or teachers that you reach out to, talking about your feelings is a simple act of self-love that can leave you feeling a whole lot happier. 

Get moving

You don’t have to be a gym queen for this one – incorporating any form of exercise into your everyday routine leaves your mind feeling positive and ultimately happier. 

Join a local or university sports club to make things more fun or simply go for a walk instead of taking the bus. It’s time to self-love your body so your mind can feel the benefits too!

Less of the lattes

Okay, we’ve all been there when a Monday morning coffee is the only thing to get you through, but if caffeine and high sugary foods are a regular part of your diet it’s time to re-think. 

Self-love initiates from what you eat and drink as it can have a massive effect on how you feel. Up your water intake each day so you feel more hydrated and swap sweets and chocolate for healthy snacks like nuts, seeds and fruit. 

Digital re-think

Changing the way you engage with social media and the online world may be just what you need to give your mind a little rest. 
Constantly looking at other people’s filtered lives on social media can lead to you comparing yourself to others and feeling a bit rubbish about yourself. Why not limit your social media use to a set time each day?

If you do regularly use these platforms, it’s important to follow and engage with the accounts that are going to inspire you and make you feel good about yourself as well as giving you a sense of community.


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