Aye Write!

Aye Write

Aye Write!, Glasgow’s book festival, returned to the Mitchell Library from 10-20 March this year, and we were delighted to be working with the festival once again in support of two of its events.

On Saturday 19 March at 6pm, the festival explored the impact of war on the mental health of soldiers – looking at what happens when they return from war, having lost their friends and killed their enemies, having seen and done things that have no place in civilian life. In Aftershock, Matthew Green told the story of veterans' journey from frontline to the reality of return and Harry Parker’s Anatomy of a Soldier, a novel of patriotism, trauma, stoicism, and humanism, was also discussed. 

The following day, novelist Matt Haig returned to Glasgow to discuss his first work of non-fiction, Reasons to Stay Alive, a candid account of living with depression. After supporting the Glasgow launch of the book last year, and also Matt’s event at Dundee Literary Festival last October (part of the 2015 Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival programme) we were very pleased to work with Matt once again on what has become one of the past year’s most talked about books. 

For more information visit the Aye Write! Festival website