Dr Eilidh Moir

Research and Evaluation Consultant, Scotland

Eilidh is a Research and Evaluation Officer in Scotland supporting projects within the Empowerment and Citizenship programme.

Projects include Honest, Open and Proud, which focuses on the effect of mental health disclosure on individuals, and Self-Direct Support which aims to empower the decision-making of service users with mental health problems.

Eilidh’s academic and research background is in public policy and community decision-making, particularly in rural areas. Following her doctoral studies, Eilidh became a Community Organiser using digital platforms to support local groups and individuals. She has policy experience working for a national consultancy, and has worked on policy in the US and Scottish Parliaments.

More recently Eilidh has worked on studies in partnership with UNICEF in sub-Saharan Africa examining childhood violence and also on citizenship with marginalised citizens in Glasgow.