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We want you and your community to be able to live life to the full. That’s why finding ways to prevent mental health problems is at the heart of what we do. 

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Our mental health information and advice is based on evidence and the lived experiences of real people. Find out how to look after your mental health and help prevent mental ill health from developing.
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Testing and evaluating the best approaches to improving mental health in communities and rolling them out as widely as possible.

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Publishing studies and reports on what protects mental health as well as the causes of poor mental health and how to tackle them.

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Policy and advocacy

Proposing solutions and campaigning for change to address the underlying causes of poor mental health.

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Your donation, no matter how big or small, can help us achieve good mental health for all.

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From running a marathon to showing your support with a green ribbon, holding a bake sale to sharing your personal experience of mental health, there’s something for everyone

Current highlights

Our best mental health tips - based on research - text on a green background
Our best mental health tips - backed by research
Our best mental health tips - backed by research
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Coronavirus: Mental Health in the Pandemic Study
Coronavirus: Mental Health in the Pandemic Study
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Ultra Challenge Series
Ultra Challenge Series
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Covid Response Programme
Covid Response Programme

Personal stories

Photo of Dean

Dean's story: Big steps forward

Dean tells us how, even though he was surrounded by his loving family and living life to the full, being furloughed during the pandemic, his feelings of loneliness started to grow and his mental health "took a hit".

Photo of Rhyana

Rhyana's story: In a bubble

Rhyana talks about how her feelings of loneliness got worse when she was studying at university and working full-time at the same time.