Mental Capacity Training


Whether you need to raise greater awareness and  understanding of the Mental Capacity Act in your organisation, run specialist sessions for practitioners in specific job roles, an independent audit of your policies and procedures or more specialised assistance with individual cases, we can help.

Our expert consultants and trainers will respond to your individual needs, providing a tailor-made programme for your organisation.

Our services include:

  • A range of training courses and seminars covering general awareness of the Act through to more specific areas such as deprivation of liberty safeguards and implementing the Act in general hospital settings.
  • Consultancy to audit your existing policy and procedures as well as providing expert assistance on specific case discussions.

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Whatever your need, our mental capacity practice development team will create a bespoke progoramme for you. Our services can be tailored for junior or senior staff and to focus on specific care settings or patient/service user groups. To find out more, email Toby Williamson, Head of Development and Later Life on

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