Dementia Choices Training


We offer training to enable people living with dementia to remain in control of their lives and to have more freedom and choice about their social care they receive.

The government has announced that everyone receiving social care funded by a local authority must receive it in the form of a personal budget by 2013. Evidence shows that uptake of personal budgets is lowest among people with dementia and their families, with less than 25% of people with dementia receiving social services support at home as a personal budget or direct payment*

Our training programme

Develop by Neil Mapes as part of the Dementia Choices project, the specifically designed programme helps social care staff and family carers to identify the barriers and potential solutions for developing self-directed support in the form of personal budgets for people with dementia. The aim of the training is to come together to explore and clarify how dementia and ‘personalisation’ – in the form of personal budgets and direct payments - fit together.

People living with dementia have historically missed out on benefitting from many innovations and new service developments in health and social care. This training will help social care staff and families increase the take-up of personal budgets for people living with dementia. A recent Alzheimer’s Society report on personal budgets found that: 

  • less than 40% had even been offered a direct payment or other personal budget
  • people using personal budgets are more likely to be satisfied with the services they receive
  • personal budgets enable people to purchase services such as gardening and holidays they would not otherwise have been able to afford
  • a low awareness and understanding of dementia and the need to offer personal budgets among professionals.

The training can be provided as a half day or whole day group learning for social care staff and family carers and covers topics such as:

  • relevant policies and legislation
  • dementia and mental capacity
  • achieving personalised approaches
  • self-directed support through personal budgets and direct payments.

Designed to be both inspiring and informative, the training involves multimedia presentations and films of people with dementia who have benefited from personal budgets and sharing some of the most up to date resources available. It's delivered in an exploratory learning environment to help you explore solutions to difficult problems associated with dementia and personalisation.

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To find out more about supporting people with dementia to have more freedom, choice and control in their lives, please contact Toby Williamson, Head of Development and Later Life on or call 020 7803 1100

Related Information

Who is the training for?

  • Social services staff: managers and teams
  • Managers and care staff working in home care and day care
  • Charitable and community groups supporting people with dementia
  • Family/carers groups
  • Staff working in specialist dementia services – for example young onset dementia


  • A practical understanding of dementia and personalisation and how they fit together
  • Delegates will be able to describe and use the legal and policy context to empower the individuals they work with or support
  • Delegates will have identified the barriers and potential solutions which exist for delivering self-directed support in the form of personal budgets for people with dementia
  • Delegates will develop and commit to simple action plans