Certificate in Working in Community Mental Health Care

A group of older men enjoying a game of cards in a sunny park.

We have led the creation and development of the Level 3 Certificate in Working in Community Mental Health Care along with our partners, Pavilion and City and Guilds. The material, now in its third revision,  is a complete set of resources to deliver the certificate, or to provide comprehensive training and learning opportunities for staff in the community mental health arena.

The course is aimed mainly at people who work with adults between the ages of 18 to 65 years who are in contact with mental health and care and support services. It is relevant to the promotion of mental health in all settings, not just specialist mental health services

Endorsed by City and Guilds, the resources and qualification is designed to support practitioners by enhancing their practice, skills and knowledge in the area of mental health care.

The tutor manual contains guidelines on running each unit sessions, with slide presentation and printable resources and handouts, video and audio clips, and suggestions for group tutorials. The learner workbook contains key content, suggested tasks, examples and further information to complement the training sessions or as a stand-alone resource