Self-Directed Support Capacity Building Programme in Scotland


We and the Scottish Mental Health Cooperative have been jointly funded under the Scottish Government Self-Directed Support Capacity Building Programme to address capacity of the mental health third sector to support self-directed support.

The Self-Directed Support Capacity Building Programme is intended to address some of the implementation challenges with self-directed support across the board in Scotland. It is set to run for up to four years, subject to ministers approving subsequent funding. It is designed to enable co-produced outcomes, working with service providers and disabled people.

The project will help the Scottish Government to help develop the capacity of providers to support people who use self-directed support to directly or indirectly purchase support through ensuring that providers are fully aware of the options available to their service users.

This is intended to be the first year of three, and the following outcomes apply across the three-year programme:

  • People with mental health problems will have increased choice and control over the services that they receive
  • People with mental health problems will have improved mental health outcomes through being able to access support that is flexible and person-centred enough to meet their specific needs, enabling them to actively participate in society
  • People with mental health problems who experience inequaltiy in access to services will have greater choice and control over their services (e.g. people from minority ethnic communities, older people, people from remote and rural communities)
  • People with mental health problems will have the opportunity to co-produce solutions to challenges faced in accessing self-directed support.

The partnership between us and The Scottish Mental Health Co-operative will ensure that the benefit of the project will be spread across a large geographic area, and will also mean consistent advice is given across Scotland.  The project will also successfully disseminate the information learned to all relevant voluntary organisations, statutory providers and the Scottish Government.

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