Mental Health Awareness Week 2008


We ran a public awareness campaign to encourage better coping with anger in 2008.

For Mental Health Awareness Week, we produced a report, Boiling Point: Anger And What We Can Do About It, which showed how problem anger has been left untackled in the UK despite being linked to aggression, family breakdown and physical and mental health problems.

The report said that problem anger is not a mental illness in itself, but many of the everyday tools used in mental health, such as talking therapies, can be applied to help people cope better with anger. The report informed the BBC's Headroom campaign, and we were proud to feature on their promotional poster that was sent to thousands of GP surgeries across the UK.

  • An accompanying website gave people the chance to vent their own anger

  • On Facebook, our Boiling Point app helped the public find out how angry they were and compare their anger levels with friends.

  • We held an event on the South Bank in London to raise awareness of anger, with a 21 foot fairground high striker that people could safety take their frustrations out on.

  • We published a free booklet, Cool Down: Anger And How To Deal With It

  • An Early Day Motion was tabled in the Houses of Parliament in support of the campaign, and people were encouraged to ask their MPs to sign it.

  • One Big Laugh, A comedy night in aid of the Foundation, was held. Among the comedians appearing were Rich Hall, Brendan Burns and Simon Amstell.

  • A Boiling Point poster was produced to raise awareness of the issue of anger and losing your temper.