Sleep Matters

Image of a yawning man

In 2011, we have teamed up with Sleepio - an organisation dedicated to helping people sleep better - for a year-long campaign to raise awareness of the huge impact sleep has on everyone's mental and physical health.

Sleep Matters Report

In January 2011, we produced the Sleep Matters report, which looked at the relationship between sleep and mental health and their connection to overall wellbeing. The report included new data from the Great British Sleep Survey, the largest survey of its kind ever conducted into the nation's sleep habits.

Mental Health Awareness Week

During Mental Health Awareness Week in May 2011, we delivered talks, issued special editions of our newsletters, and revealed helpful information through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We also made a range of resources available through GP surgeries, schools, universities and local authorities, or to download free from our Mental Health Awareness Week page.

GP Conference

In November 2011, we organised a conference for GPs on the subject of sleep.