Response to the Government's No Health Without Mental Health Implementation Framework

Release Date: 24 July 2012

Source: Mental Health Foundation

Country: United Kingdom

In response to the government’s No Health Without Mental Health Implementation Framework, Dr Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive at the Mental Health Foundation has issued the following statement:

“It’s good to have this framework. It will play a key role in ensuring that the Government’s commitment to parity of esteem between physical and mental health becomes a reality at a local level.”

“We particularly welcome the commitment to mental health research, a crucial aspect of developing and improving more effective mental health care. At present, this care is not always what it should be, despite increasing demand, partly because of a chronic lack of funds and focus in mental health research. Mental illness forms the largest proportion of disease burden in the UK, with an estimated cost to society of £105 billion. Only with more and better research can we hope to address this burden.”

“The Framework rightly highlights the role of public mental health. Public Health England, and new local directors of Public Health, must now keep mental health at the core of their public health strategies.”

“The Framework is coming out at a time of significant NHS change and constraints on public spending. We will need to keep a very close eye on outcomes reflected in the promised national mental health dashboard to ensure the commitments set out in the Mental Health Strategy are honoured.”