New mental health awareness training session

Release Date: 13 February 2012

Source: Mental Health Foundation

Country: United Kingdom

The Mental Health Foundation will be holding a mental health awareness training session at their office in London Bridge on 8 March 2012.

Until now, the Foundation has always delivered mental health awareness training to groups of employees in their work places, but on this occasion, they will be offering training from their London office to organisations that wish to train one or two employees – rather than a larger group - who can then pass on their learning to their colleagues.

The programme is designed for employees who are in contact with people with mental health problems in their line of work – be it face-to-face, by telephone or email. Quite often, employees can be flummoxed by a client or contact who may be saying or doing things in a way they have not come across before and, because of the fear of stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness, it is not really something that is talked about. In any one year, 1 in 4 people will be affected by mental health issues, yet there is very little guidance out there about how to support people with mental health problems when it is not part of your everyday work. By increasing employees’ awareness and understanding of mental health, their ability to deal with difficult situations of this nature will be improved.

The interactive style of training will provide individuals with knowledge of a variety of mental health conditions, practical guidance on how best to manage someone who is experiencing mental distress, how to sensitively signpost, ways to cope and unwind after a challenging experience, and how to build resilience and make the most of your potential.

Employers who send staff members for mental health awareness training could benefit from reduced staff turnover, reduced sickness absence, a healthier workplace, better staff morale, better customer service, more committed staff, and skills retention.

Find out more information or contact Kate Ball on to book a place on the course.

* Please note this training is not accredited, however a certificate of attendance will be provided.