The Mental Health Strategy: what do we know so far?

Release Date: 16 January 2012

Source: Mental Health Foundation

Country: United Kingdom

A recent study has found that the Government’s latest mental health strategy has so far only had a limited impact on service commissioning and provision, with little evidence that it is being used to guide local decision making.

The research paper, published by the Mental Health Foundation along with Rethink Mental Illness, Mind, and the Centre for Mental Health, was commissioned to evaluate the delivery of the Government’s 2011 No Health Without Mental Health strategy.

Headed up by independent researcher Dr Susan O’Connor, the study involved surveying a number of national organisations to identify key themes from intelligence they had received to date from their members. These surveys also brought home the considerable pressures that are being placed on mental health services across the country as a result of spending cuts and rising demand.

The study concludes that mental health strategy objectives should be prioritised when implementing system reforms, to ensure that both policies have a positive impact.

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