Mental Health Foundation welcomes new data on the use of specialist mental health services

Release Date: 05 December 2011

Source: Mental Health Foundation

Country: United Kingdom

The Mental Health Foundation has welcomed new data on the use of specialist mental health services, as published in the NHS Information Centre’s Mental Health Minimum Dataset annual returns.

At a time of significant structural upheaval in the NHS, it is essential that current and future mental health commissioners and providers recognise the numbers and needs of people requiring specialist mental health care.

The Mental Health Foundation’s Chief Executive, Dr Andrew McCulloch, said "We must understand better why there are variations in access to specialist mental health care. Wherever they live, it is essential that people have early and effective interventions, such as talking therapies. We know delays in providing care can significantly worsen outcomes."

"It is particularly worrying to see the continuing disproportionate use of the Mental Health Act’s powers of detention and compulsory treatment – whether in hospital or in the community – among Black British people. We must do more to provide better mental health promotion and early access to care to this group."