Announcing the first ever Mental Health Hero Awards

Release Date: 10 October 2011

Source: Mental Health Foundation

Country: United Kingdom

To celebrate their first birthday and to mark World Mental Health Day on 10 October, the founders of Mental Healthy are launching the UK’s first Mental Health Hero awards to recognise the unsung heroes of mental health.

Teaming up with us and other mental health charities including SANE, The Centre for Mental Health, and Emergence, Mental Healthy is proud to launch these awards to give credit and recognition to those who have contributed to the field of mental health.

"So many people dedicate themselves to making better the lives of others. We want to recognise the heroes in our field", says Mental Healthy founder Charlotte Fantelli.

Marjorie Wallace, CBE, founder and chief executive of SANE comments “It takes enormous reserves of courage to help people through mental ill-health, and even more for anyone experiencing mental illness themselves. Their heroism is too often overlooked, which is why I am so passionate about these awards.”

The four distinct awards are designed to celebrate the achievements of individuals, organisations, professionals and businesses:

  • The Community Hero award in association with SANE recognises individuals who do not make a living in mental health, but have contributed in some way, for example this could be a book, a website, a support group or an extraordinary carer. Individuals and/or organisations whose primary income is not in this field are eligible to apply.

  • Our Professional Hero award recognises the heroes that work in the field of mental health, this could be counselling, research, social care or teaching. If you earn a living in the field you are eligible to apply.

  • The Business Hero award in association with The Centre for Mental Health looks at the achievements of employers. Employee mental health is slowly becoming a priority for many businesses as they recognise the importance of their employees’ mental wellbeing. This award recognises the achievements of businesses that look after the mental health of their staff. Businesses big and small are eligible to enter.

  • The Creative Hero award in association with Emergence is our final category that recognises creative achievements of those in the field of mental health. For example this could be YouTube stars, artists, writers, poets, actors or musicians. The sub categories professional and amateur recognise creatives who have made a difference, raised awareness or helped others in a special way.

Judges of the awards include one charity judge, one Mental Healthy member of staff and one celebrity in each category, confirmed judges include our Chief Executive Dr Andrew McCulloch, Andy Bell, Deputy CEO of The Centre for Mental Health and Marjorie Wallace, CBE, founder and chief executive of SANE.

Winners will have their work nationally recognised, through an article published about them and their work will be shown on the Mental Healthy website. They will also receive prize goodies!

Applications for the awards are open. Nominate your worthy winner now. The deadline for nominations is 10 December 2011.

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