What’s your experience of using a mental health helpline?

Kirsten Morgan, Research Assistant:

"In recent months the research team have been busy working on an evaluation of a number of mental health helplines across the UK. This research was commissioned by the Mental Health Helplines Partnership (mhhp), a consortium of over fifty organisations offering helpline services to those with mental health needs.

The research aims to explore the usefulness of existing helpline services, in terms of the outcomes they enable callers to achieve, and the ways in which services could be improved upon. The research is also investigating the use of additional services, such as text, web forums and email, as an alternative to traditional telephone helpline services.

So far, the team have consulted with staff across each of the nine participating helplines. We have also interviewed a number of Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) and have asked GPs to complete an online survey regarding their awareness of helplines.

For the final phase of this research, we are looking to investigate the views of callers of mental health helplines.  If you feel you would be able to assist us with this phase of the research, please help us by completing our online survey.

On completion of the project, we hope to offer recommendations to each of the participating helplines, highlighting areas that are performing well, as well as those that could be improved upon. The research will help build a knowledge base on the usefulness of mental health helplines, and their role in the future of mental health service provision.

We hope to publish our results by spring 2012. "

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Published 02 February 2012 |
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  • There seems to be a pattern of inadequate and really useless advice of being told to get a warm bath, even when having a severe panic attack, which is the last thing a person experiencing such a terrifying situation should do. I do wonder what MH experience or qualifications many of these people giving advice actually have.

    Girl Interrupted 02 February 2012
  • Totally useless information, i'm even more depressed, who pays these people??

    Anonymous 29 June 2012
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