Happy World Mental Health Day!

Tea & Talk

Sarah Kingston, Community and Events Manager at the Mental Health Foundation:

Happy World Mental Health Day! I wish everyone the best of luck with their Tea & Talks today. Thank you so much for your support! We’ve had a really busy couple of weeks sending out hundreds of packs to people up and down the country.

Lots of people have been getting creative with their Tea & Talk plans from organising virtual Tea & Talks, “Walk & Talks”, “Lunch & Talk” to “Tea & Talk Musical Bingo”. We’ve also been taking part ourselves by holding a Tea & Talk Icing Challenge and today we’re holding a bake off Tea & Talk in the London Office.

Tea & Talk is all about getting together with friends, family or colleagues, having a natter, raising money and changing lives! No matter how much money people raise at their Tea & Talks, we will put it to use to help us continue our vital work in fighting the suffering caused by mental illness.

It’s not too late to take part! Find out more information and download a free pack

Published 10 October 2011 |
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  • I'm planning my cake menu, as we speak! Thursday is our main event with an additional 'do' on sunday, for those who can't sneak out of work :-)

    PrettyFlamingo 10 October 2011
  • Good luck for a worthy cause! In Health & Happiness!

    Jamie Social Entrepreneur and survivor! 10 October 2011
  • be smile every day will be happy long life

    Anonymous 11 October 2011
  • That's a pretty nice post, i was reading something related on another web page not too long ago that essentially said the same thing although yours is better,plus its good to have some validation on seeing two sources agree.Thanks for sharing it..

    Lip Fusion 11 October 2011
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