You are as young as you feel

Toby Williamson, Head of Development & Later Life:

"You are as young as you feel” the saying goes, but growing older can bring with it some difficult feelings based on declining health, bereavements and loss, major life transitions (such as retirement), and changes in caring responsibilities and relationships. I am 48 and although that may seem quite young by some people’s standards (though probably not if you are a teenager!) I do sometimes feel age catching up on me, particularly as I approach 50. It’s easy to see this in physical activity – although I cycle to work once a week I no longer play sport on a regular basis – but it’s harder for us to recognise how growing older, and the changes this can bring, affect one’s mental health and wellbeing.

Saturday 1 October is National Older People's Day and we are publishing a new booklet How to Look After Your Mental Health in Later Life which give lots of useful tips and advice on looking after your mental health in later life. Some of the top tips include: be prepared for changes, talk about problems and concerns, ask for help, think ahead and have a plan, care for others, be active and keep in touch.”

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Published 28 September 2011 |
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