Remember a Charity Week

Last week, was Remember a Charity Week which is an annual awareness week designed to promote legacies and encourage more people to consider leaving a gift to charity when writing a will.

Lesley Braden, Legacy Marketing Executive shares her diary with us:

I am starting my week with a small legacy promotion to my London colleagues to encourage them to incorporate the legacy message into their work as these gifts make such a difference to us. I wrap a biscuit with a note asking staff to take a moment when they have a tea break to remember those generous supporters who have left us gifts in their Wills.  I have to work quickly to get all the parcels done before my colleagues start to arrive and just finish in time.  

The staff promotion yesterday goes down so well we decide to repeat it with our trustees the following week.

It is a pleasure every day opening the post as you never know what to expect. Today we are touched to receive a letter confirming that a supporter has left us a share of her estate. As there is still so much stigma around mental health, every single gift we receive makes such a difference and we immediately write to her next of kin to say how grateful we are and to let them know what type of work it will be supporting.

I meet with a colleague, Jo, to plan an event at our office for supporters who have let us know they have written a gift to us in their Will. Jo is responsible for training security staff at NHS Hospitals in the UK to ensure they deal appropriately with anyone with a mental illness and will be presenting to the supporters. She is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm and I know our supporters will be really inspired by her.

To the Good Agency for a breakfast seminar on legacies. For a small charity like ours, free events like these are a lifeline for keeping up with current issues and it is always useful to catch up with colleagues in other charities. In addition to some really interesting speakers, The Good Agency generously provide a superb breakfast. I scoff and at the same time scribble loads of notes.

Today I finally finish an article for our supporter magazine. In these articles we have been following our Head of Partnerships as he prepares to write his Will. Only around 50% of people over the age of 40 have a Will and of those only about 7% will leave a gift to a charity. Most people assume that their partner or next of kin will automatically inherit everything should they die without a Will. In fact, intestacy laws are complicated and under certain circumstances the state could end up inheriting your entire estate. Thankfully, most solicitors can do a simple Will for around £70. I send the copy off with a sigh of relief just before the deadline and start to look forward to the weekend.

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Published 20 September 2011 |
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