Welsh language course will make it easier for Welsh speakers to express their thoughts

Don Rhead, facilitator of our Welsh language self-management course, talks about how self-management helped him and why he is now involved as a facilitator on the course:

“Some years ago I suffered a psychotic breakdown which resulted in my undergoing a couple of short periods in a mental institution.

During my stay, which happened to coincide with Christmas, it was pointed out to me by one of the Occupational Therapists that I was quite good at getting some of the other service users motivated and involved in group activities, albeit decorating the Christmas tree and windows of the unit!

That was the beginning of a fairly tortuous (but sane!) road which led to me becoming, amongst many other things, a self-management facilitator for the Mental Health Foundation in North Wales.

It’s important to point out that the self-management course was written by service users, for service users and delivered by service users. It’s been designed to help service users to gain some control over their illness and, for me, joining the course when I did proved to be a considerable step forward in my ultimate recovery.

Though the course can be hard work it can also be a lot of fun! It really depends on how much an individual is prepared to put in to it as to what he/she gains from it. As you can work at your own pace, you will gain a better understanding of your illness and how to take more control of its effects, rather than letting it control you.

Thus, you can learn to live with your illness rather than be governed by it. This can ultimately lead to a sense of wellbeing and an ability to enjoy the freedom of getting your life back!

I feel that having a Welsh language course will make it a lot easier for people whose first language is Welsh to express their thoughts and share their experiences with others. It will help them make the most out of the course

I cannot speak highly enough about the positive effects that the course has had on almost everyone who has taken it. In my experience, after running or being involved in seven self-management courses, 99.99% of ‘graduates’ have spoken of how their lives have improved, sometimes quite dramatically, after taking the course. Indeed, one ‘graduate’ was inspired sufficiently to write a poem about her experience!”

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All courses are free to attend and travel costs are paid. Anyone eligible and interested in attending the course should call Project Manager Jane Wycherley on 01633415434 or email jwycherley@mhf.org.uk

Published 12 August 2011 |
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  • Welll done Don, this is a great positive story, I love your saying 'you can learn to live with your illness rather than be govrned by it'. Keep up the good work. :)

    Sheila 12 August 2011
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