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  • Published 26 February 2015
    We need to provide upstream interventions which promote mental health and wellbeing for children and young people.
  • Published 27 January 2015
    We must take a step back and look at sustaining good mental health within our society. This means support for mothers during and after pregnancy, skills for children and young people in schools, support for those in and out of work, and effective tools to help people in later life avoid loneliness and depression.
  • Published 19 December 2014
      Turkey is a Christmas classic and the food of choice in most households on Christmas Day. It is a rich source of tryptophan which has been shown to promote sleep1. This may help to explain the common post Christmas dinner slump that most of us know so well; however, the high amounts of carbohydrates […]
  • Published 10 December 2014
    Scott Stossel is the editor of American online magazine, The Atlantic and author of bestselling book My Age of Anxiety. Here, Stossel talks to us about his struggles with generalized anxiety disorder, ideas of happiness, and why mindfulness could hold the key...
  • Published 05 December 2014
    Senior Research Officer, Lauren Chakkalackal, on the healing power of yoga for both body and mind.
  • Published 07 November 2014
    Sam is a primary school teacher living in Devon; here he talks about how opening up and telling the truth on video was a blessing that helped him deal with anxiety and depression.
  • Published 11 August 2014
    There would quite rightly be outrage if someone with cancer, or a broken leg wasn't given appropriate treatment - so why is it ok for children and young people with mental health problems to be denied the help they need?
  • Published 09 June 2014
    This week is Carers Week in the UK - listen to one carer talk about about how a support programme has helped him understand both the challenges of being a carer as well as his own mental health.
  • Published 08 June 2014
    The recognition that mental health isn’t just the responsibility of individuals, but is influenced by the environment in which people operate is the key to a better work environment.
  • Published 04 June 2014
    The push to value mental health in the same way that we value physical health is high on the Government’s mental health agenda. So what does this mean in the workplace and what can we do to make it this happens?
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